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Audry 060213 1340 Name: Audrey Hepburn
  Tag:  #22
  Age:  Estimated @ 5 years,
  Weight:  30#



**Pending Evaluation** 


Audrey's previous owner "dumped" her at a shelter; they found her waiting for them when they arrived for work one morning.  She had an obvious untreated eye injury.  The shelter called out for help and AaRoooo!! answered.  After numerous vet consultations, (even a canine eye specialist) and attempts with topical medication, it was determined that the eye should be removed for Audrey's best quality of life.  Audrey has recovered from the surgery very nicely.  She is now ready to find a loving new furever home.  She is a very active little girl who would do best with another canine companion to play with and a "basset proof" yard.  Missing an eye does not hinder her from being a typical nosy basset, exploring everything including the counters.  Audrey is a very sweet, happy & enthusiastic, loving girl.  She is a little shy of new things at first and unexpected noises can still be scary to her.  She is good with other dogs.  Audrey's foster home is in Northern Illinois.












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