HELP!! AaRoooo!! has recently taken several hounds who will require "Above and Beyond" normal medical attention. One is Audry who had an untreated eye injury and Addie who needed abdominal surgery to treat a large mass on her stomach. Please donate NOW towards their "extra" medical expenses and stay tuned for updates.
AaRoooo!! and these very special hounds thank you!!"  

Sweet Adeline
SweetAdeline 0916
Sweet Adeline, "Addie", came to us thanks to a kind and loving animal control officer in North Chicago.  She was reported as a stray and when they went to find her she was so very scared that she kept running away.  Finally, out of desperation the animal control officer drove close to her, simply opened the car door and waited - thankfully, Addie finally decided to jump in.  For the 1st 24 hours she wouldn't let anyone touch her but they could see that she needed more medical attention than they could give her.  When her stray hold time was up they contacted AaRoooo!! and we immediately agreed to help.  Addie has a large growth (tumor?) in or near her mammory chain area.  We don't know how long she has had this so we don't know how rapidly it has/is growing but our vet concurs that it needs to be removed as soon as possible.  We will start with a blood work up (including Heartworm test).  Stay tuned for further updates and please, DONATE TODAY.  Sweet Adeline is yet another hound in need of "extra" medical attention. (Posted July 17, 2013)
Update on Sweet Adeline:  Addie is doing great!  Her blood work came back normal so we went ahead with the surgery.  Good news is that the lump was not actually a mass so NO cancer (as we all had originally feared).  What she did have was a very severe hernia.  Not knowing how long she has had this or what it caused it our vet was amazed that Addie did not have any complications.  The hernia has been repaired, they were also able to spay her and give her a dental (3 extractions) sparing her from a second surgery.  Addie is back in her foster home recovering nicely so far, although she will have a little longer recovery period.  Stay tuned for further updates on this precious little girl and her recovery.  Please Donate today to help defray the cost of Addie’s medical care. (Posted July 31, 2013)


Audrey Hepburn

basset with eye injury

Audrey was brought to us from a shelter; they found her waiting for them when they showed up for work one morning. She is a wonderful, sweet little girl who appears, so far, to be afraid of the world - except when she is one-on-one with a human. Our challenge with Audrey is that she has an apparent "old" eye injury that was never treated. At this point we are not sure what her treatment plan will be or if the eye can be saved....we have started her on some topical medications to see if we can get some of the swelling/ulceration down on her 3rd eyelid which is totally covering the eyeball restricting us from getting a really good look at it. She has been given a bath, much needed nail trim, brought up-to-date on shots, and started on medication for her ears and eye; however, she will also, eventually, need both a dental & spay. Right now, her eye is our top priority. Audrey is another basset who is going to require "above and beyond" medical. Please, help us help Audrey - donate today towards her recovery! (Posted April 7, 2013)

Audry Update: Audry has had her eye surgery and is recovering in her foster home.  We are all hoping for a successful recovery.  Although we couldn't save Audry's eye our hope is she will live a long and happy life.  Please, help us help Audrey - donate today towards her recovery! (Posted April 27, 2013)

Audry 042813951031Update on Audrey Hepburn: Audrey had surgery to remove her eye this week.  She is doing great - except she doesn't like the e-collar at all!  We are very greatful to Dr. Sisler @ Eye Care for Animals in Wheeling for his generous consultation.  It was determined that Audrey would need to have her eye removed for her own long-term comfort and well-being.  Audrey is now in a foster home and contrary to original observations, seems very happy and not a bit afraid.  If fact, the foster home is having a little bit of a challenge keeping her "quiet" for her recovery.  Please, help us help Audrey - donate today towards her recovery! (Posted April 28, 2013)
Luke Skywalker

We thank all those who helped us pay Luke's medical bills so that he was able to begin a new life with a loving family! (Posted April 28, 2013)  See Luke and his new "human" brothers' on the Happy Howls page.


Primrose has been adopted by her foster family. Won't you consider being a foster family.  just fill out an application. (Posted April 26, 2013)





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