Bubba 0285In Loving Memory


 (2002-June 19, 2013)




My favorite "Bad Boy" Bubba story: 

After moving here to the farm, I would come home time after time to find Bubba on our "pub height" kitchen island, nose deep in some "non-dog" snack of his choosing (i.e. the time his face was covered in blue/red/green/orange polka dots from getting into the M&Ms).  I would carefully push all the bar stools under the island overhang each time I left only to still return home to Bubba in the middle of the island (even after removing all the food).  Then I carefully moved all the bar stools across the room each time I left and still there he would be, standing guard - each time berating myself for forgetting one stool!  Then one day I was working on my computer in the other room and heard a strange, undefinable sound coming from the great room.  Each time I would get up to investigate it would stop and I couldn't see/find anything???  So...I finally hid around the corner and when the noise started up I crept quietly around the corner to find Bubba pushing, yes pushing with his body, the bar stool across the room towards the island.

 Bubba, the house will be very boring without your antics!!  We all love you and miss you!  Rest in peace until we meet again.