Fred Memorial 1In Loving Memory


(2002 - 2015)






In December 2010, the most wonderful dog found me, and the following March we adopted him.  That was the beginning of 4-1/2 years of good times and fond memories.  From the start, he put aside my fears of adopting a senior dog.  Fred was a talker, cuddler, 55 lb lap dog, and constant companion.  His welcomes after I had been gone, even for a short time, were unforgettable.  Fred enjoyed life to the fullest, and loved his dog friends too.  Even when diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2014, he continued to love life -- wandering the back yard, chasing tennis balls, special pets and treats, and rarely missed a beat.  He was so special, as was each day spent with him.  He was a bundle of unconditional love who had completely forgiven his past.  At just over age 13, God must have decided he needed a new angel, and took Fred to be with Him.  A fighter for life until the end, Fred passed away in my arms, at peace.  We will always miss and love the one affectionately known as the King of Artesia.  We thank God for allowing Fred to come into our lives, Arlene for rescuing him, and Mike & Marty for fostering him.