Roscoe Vignette 11-29-2019In Loving Memory


(crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 26, 2019) 

In memory of Roscoe who gave us more than we could ever ask.

You will be forever in our hearts!! We love you always!

The Sharenow Family



I want to pay tribute to the very best!! Although he was only with our family 2 1/2 years, he was the absolute best and we could have not loved him more!! Thank you,Nancy, and AaRoooo!! for allowing us to be his family! Thank you for taking him in to the rescue and getting him healthy for adoption. I am blessed to have been his mom and he was deeply loved. Adopting a senior and giving him the love he deserved was truly a gift for my family. I will cherish every photo and memory.

                                                                                            ❤ We love you Roscoe!