Congratulations Tucker!

Tucker HH 082820 ORIG







 Congratulations and happy howlsTucker! You found your furever home!



Congratulations Sam!








 Congratulations and happy howls Sam! You found your furever home!



Congratulations Fred!

IMG 5128 copy2







 Congratulations and happy howls, Fred!  You found your very own furever home!



Congratulations Odie!

Odie HH







You have picked a very special new furever home with Coonhound brothers Stu and Walter along with AaRoooo!! alumni brother George!  (Not pictured, mom and dad,Chris and Rachel)




Congratulations Bailey!

hh bailey









Congratulations Bailey! We know you have found an awesome new furever home with your two AaRoooo!! alumni sisters! Pictured left to right--Annie, Bailey, and Nellie


Congratulations Mona!








 Congratulations and happy howls Mona! You found your furever home!



Congratulations Hoover!


hoover WEB








Happy Howls, Hoover! Welcome to your new fur-ever family!



Congratulations Lilah!


Lilah HH











Congratulations Houston!








Congratulations and Happy Howls Houston!                                                                                                               You found your new furever home with AaRoooo!! alum sister Junebug.                                                                         Pictured left to right -- Houston and Junebug.



Congratulations Thelma!

Thelma NTA 081622 WEB








Happy Howls! Congrats Thelma on your new forever home! (With new sister Zoey, pictured on the right)



Congratulations Hank!

Hank HH 111822









Happy Howls! Congrats Hank on your new forever home!  (With new brother Harvey (left) and sister Luna (Aaroooo alum - right)



Congratulations Mamie Eyesenhower!









Congratulations  and happy  howls to  Mamie (middle)  and your  new furever  family Hank (AaRoooo!! alumni, foreground),  and Harry ( also AaRoooo!! alumni), Chris  and Lena! 


Congratulations Marzy!

Marzy HH copy









Congratulations and happy howls to Marzy! Your very own furever home!



Congratulations Tuffer!

tuffer web










Tuffer has found his forever home!

Here he is pictured with Mom. Congrats Tuffer!



Congratulations Tank!

tank1 webtank2 web









Pictured is Tank with Mom, Dad , and his basset siblings. :)


Congratulations She's a Daisy!











Congratulations and happy howls to She's a Daisy and her furever home! 

Congratulations Kenny!

kenny WEB








 Congratulations and Happy Howls on your new fur-ever home Kenny!

Congratulations Lizzie!

lizzie WEB







 Congratulations and Happy Howls on your new fur-ever home, Lizzie!

Congratulations Salley!

sallry WEB









Congratulations and Happy Howls on your new fur-ever home, Salley!

 Congratulations Sherlock Bones!

We are so happy you have found such a wonderful new Furever family with Joyce, Tim, and AaRoooo!! alumni Elvis!


Happy Howls, Buster!

Here’s Buster with his new Mom


Congratulations Jake!

20181225 145137







 An extra special Christmas  present for Jake,  his new furever home!   Congratulations Horacio, Jake, and Marianne.  We couldn't be happier to know that you all will have many more happy holidays together! 


Congratulations Frank Signatra!

 frank HH WEB2

Congratulations Frank!  We know you have found a wonderful new furever home with Lucy, Larry, (back) and Pam (front).


Congratulations Max A. Million!

max HH WEB

Congratulations Max A. Million!  A big aaroooo to you and your new furever family with David, Max, Wellington (Aaroooo alum,aka Scooby), and Patti!

Congratulations George

IMG 20180916 124427219









Congratulations to George and your new furever family Lola (AaRoooo!! alumni, foreground), Stu, Rachel, and Chris.  

Congratulations Beetle Bailey

IMG 20180419 140617386






Congratulations Beetle!

We are so grateful that you have found such a wonderful new furever home with Anne and brother Frankie!

Congratulations Roxie

IMG 20180707 105734245






Congratulations Roxie!

You have found a wonderful new furever mom, Mandy!!


Congratulations Manny!

IMG 20180612 134258428

 Congratulations Manny!

We are so happy you have found a new and wonderful furever home with AaRoooo!! alumni Hazel (not pictured, Anne)!


Congratulations Becky

becky copy

Congratulations Becky (now Essie)!

We are so happy you have found a new and wonderful furever home with Lora and Will, along with canine sister Zoe (aka AaRoooo!! alum Jessie) and AaRoooo!! Alumni Leo!

Congratulations Nellie








Congratulations Nellie!  With new furever sister, and AaRoooo!! alumni, Annie(not pictured Dale and Angelo).  You have found a wonderful new furever home!

Congratulations Lola

IMG 20171130 174545952









Congratulations to Lola and her new furever family Rachel, Patsy, Chris, and Hiram (both AaRoooo!! alumni)

Congratulations Danny Boy

IMG 1790

Congratulations Danny Boy!  A Big AaRoooo!! thanks to your wonderful new furever family Julie and Sean!


Congratulations Snoopy 

20171013 180941

Congratulations Snoopy.  Enjoy your new furever family, Clayton, Mia, Lily and canine siblings Kayla and Copper.

Congratulations Butter!!









Congratulations Butter (aka Harvey)!  You are a very lucky boy indeed to have found your new furever mom, Michelle and dad, Brian!


Congratulations Sweet Adeline!


ATT 1509590238450 953

Addie has been welcomed into Daniel and Jenni's family.  Bear is her new brother(not pictured).

Happy Howls to the newly expanded family!



Congratulations Leo

Welcome Leo

Congratulations Leo!

We are so happy you have found a new and wonderful furever home with Lora and Will, along with canine sisters Sophie and AaRoooo!! Alumni Lucy.


Congratulations Hazel!

IMG 0305

 Congratulations Hazelnut!

We are so happy you have found a new and wonderful furever home with Anne!

Congratulations LuLu


Congratulations Lulu! Big AaRoooo!! thanks to your wonderful new furever family Kevin and Laurie.

Congratulations Annie

ATT 1501810411146 808







Congratulations Annie!  With new furever sister, and alumni, Martha (not pictured Dale and Angelo).  You have found a wondetful new furever home!

Congratulations Roscoe P Cooltrain!


Congratulations Roscoe!  A big aaroooo to you and your new furever family, Blaine, Jessica, Heather, Gavin, and canine siblings Cubby, Hazel, and Maggie!!


Congratulations Gypsy


Congratulations Gypsy! 

We are so happy you have found a new and wonderful furever home with Dottie, Rob, and canine brother Skeeter!

Congratulations Bo Wrinkles & Sammy Nose-Ahh!!










Congratulations to Bo & Sammy!  You are lucky boys indeed to have found your new furever mom, Michelle and dad, Clark!


Congratulation Brittney Ears


Congratulations Brittney (aka Lucy)!

We are so happy you have found a new and wonderful furever home with Victoria!

Congratulations Hank

VZM.IMG 20170403 203232














A big AaRoooo!! to you Hank and your new furever family.  Pictured with Harry (front) who is an AaRoooo!! Alumni and Lilly (rear) singing her approval.

Congratulations Tooty












Congratulations Tooty and new furever family Michelle and Scott 

Congratulations Hiram

20160928 203811






Congratulations Hiram!  With new furever sisters Sophie and Patsy (both AaRoooo!! alumni)


Congratulations Mr. Wilson!










Wilson has been welcomed into Pete and Shelley's family and we couldn't be happier!  Pictured with his new furever sister Lilly.


Congratulations Daphne

Daphne 2538

Congratulations Daphne!  With new furever mom Kristin, canine sister Lucy, and brother Ben (not pictured, Tim and Robert).  


Congratulations Porta"Belle" Mooshroom


Congratulations Belle with new furever sister Kayleigh, mom Donna,  and canine sister Lola.


Congratulations Dorey!

Dorey 0875










Congratulations, Dorey.  We know you will enjoy your golden years with Carol, Jim, and all your canine siblings.


Congratulations Ruby

Ruby 2490

Congratulations Ruby! 

We know you will enjoy your new life with Brandi and canine brother Leo!


Congratulations Reese Witherspooner

Reese 3322

Congratulations Reese, with new furever brother Cramer (not pictured Laura Sue and David)


Congratulations Oliver

Oliver 121255

Congratulations Oliver! 

We know you will enjoy your new life with Tom and Liz (not pictured new canine brother Bruno).


Congratulations Joon


Congratulations Joon! 

We know you have lots of good times ahead with new furever dad Ray!


Congratulations Nora Charles


Congratulations Nora! 

With new furever family Sheryl, canine sister Gracie, and John


Congratulations Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis75 2349

Congratulations Otis with new furever mom Mindy  (not pictured new furever dad Ben, sister Annabelle, and brother Theo).


Congratulations Daphne

Daphne 20160117 1249112

Congratulations Daphne!  With new furever mom Kerry and canine brother Scout (not pictured, James).


Congratulations Harry S Trupaw

Harry 2244

Congratulations Harry with new furever dad Chris and canine sister Lilly (not pictured new furever mom Lena).


Congratulations Sally (aka Shirley)

Shirley 4391

Congratulations Sally!  With new furever family Dennis, Ruth, and canine sister Greta (not pictured Ben).


Congratulations Laverne


Congratulations Laverne!  With new furever family Andrew, canine brother Max, and Nicollette.


Congratulations Patsy Cline!

Pattsy Cline-Happy Howls


Patsy has been welcomed into Rachel and Chris's family and we couldn't be happier!  AaRoooo!! siblings, Sophie and Max are  "Happy Howling" as well!


Congratulations Goochie!

Goochie and Emma-Crop










Congratulations, Grandma Gooch (pictured with Emma).  We know you will enjoy your golden years with Colin, Brandi, Emma and all your canine siblings.


Congratulations Snoopy Puppy #4 (now known as General Wellington)

Snoopy-Happy Howls-Crop2

Congratulations Puppy #4 - Snoopy.  We love your new name, General Wellington! Enjoy your new furever family, David, Patti and sister Peanut.


Congratulations Stevie Girl

Stevie 4242

Stevie Girl was welcomed into Todd's and Christine's family.  Lola is Stevie's new sister.  Happy Howls to all!

Congratulations Pawline

PawlinesNewFamily 2171a








Congratulations Pawline!!  With new furever family (left to right) Delaney, Pawline, Tyler, Louie, George, and Kate (not pictured, Kellen)

Congratulations Destiny & Isabella

DestinyIsabella-Happy Howls Crop

Congratulations Destiny & Isabella!!  A big aaroooo to you and your new furever family, Rich, Victoria, Brittany and canine sister Nala (not pictured, mom Lynne & dad, Rich)!!

Congratulations AaRuffio

Congratulations AaRuffio, new mom Laurie, and canine sister Pita

Congratulations Bentley

Bentley 3524-Nick










Congratulations Bentley!  With new furever dad, Nick and brother Cooper (not pictured, mom, Lina)

Congratulations Myrna Low

Myrna 1943-Happy Howl








Congratulations Myrna Low!!  With new furever family Charles, Carol, Charlie and canine sisters Eloise & Misty (camera shy, in the background)

Congratulations Pixie

Pixie 1913






Congratulations John, Judy, and Pixie with new furever brother, AaRoooo!! alumni, Mickey

Congratulations Greta & RoseBud

GretaRoseBud 1837a









Congratulations Greta & RoseBud with new furever parents Noy & Jennifer!!

Congratulations Zelda

Zelda 1500








Congratulations Zelda, with her amazing new furever family - Gene & Beth and basset sisters, Maggie, Cinnamon, and Sugar

Congratulations Otis

Otis with family 1532








Congratulations Otis with new furever family.  New mom, Cathy and new dad, Phil in back row - new siblings PJ, Alan, & Bella with Otis in the front row.

Congratulations Annie & Lucie

AnnieLucie 1520







Congratulations Annie & Lucie with new furever dad John

Congratulations Douglas

Douglas 1569








Congratulations Douglas on finding your new furever home!

Congratulations Charlie & Elvis

CharlieElvisJoyce 1562








Congratulations Charlie & Elvis with new furever mom Joyce

Congratulations Lulu

Lulu 1455







Congratulations Lulu on finding you new furever home with Will & Lora 

Congratulations Fred

FredDanny 1313-Crop









Congratulations Fred!!  Enjoy your new life playing with new basset brother Danny and furever parents Phil & Julie.

Congratulations Naiomi

Naomi 1307-Happy Howl Crop











Congratulations Naomi, with new furever mom Barb and canine sister Gracie.

Congratulations Lucy Ball











Congratulations Lucy!!  With with new furever mom Barb and canine sisters Maggie & Jazzy

Congratulations Tommy Howlfiger  

TommyChrisRuth 1163









Congratulations Tommy Howlfiger with new furever parents Scott & Ruth (not pictured new furever canine brother, Ragner)

Congratulations Coco Shanel!  

DevonIanFrecklesCoco 1137









Congratulations Coco Shanel!  Pictured with new dad, brother & mom, , Ian, Freckles & Devon

Congratulations Paddy O'

PaddyMichelleEric 1133









Congratulations Paddy O' with new furever parents Michelle & Eric (not pictured Dane & Taryn, his new human siblings - Oscar & Max, his new canine brothers)

Congratulations Pete

PeteBarryClaudia 1129









Congratulations Pete, Barry, Claudia, & Melissa (not pictured)

Congratulations Mia Far-O (now known as Lucy)

MiaWithNewFureverFamily 1102









Congratulations, Mia (now known as Lucy) with new furever family; Will, Sophy, Lora, Mia/Lucy, and Watson in front

Congratulations Mr. Peabody 

PeabodysNewMom20140202 131414-1












Congratulations, Mr. Peabody with new mom Kim

Congratulations CamilleCamilleNewFamily 0951

Agnesaka CamilleMabel32081 








Congratulations Camille with new furever family Dan, Kristen, Kate & Will (pictured separately with new canine sister Mabel)







Congratulations Teddy Roosevelt









Congratulations Teddy Roosevelt with new furever mom Betty & sister Sophie

Congratulations Daisy image








Congratulations Daisy, Horacio, Marianne, & new brother Basset, Mutley!!


Congratulations Flash and Bella

FlashBellas New Family 0927










All our best wishes to Flash & Bella and their new "Furever Family"!! 


Congratulations Luke Sky Walker

Luke Happy Howl










Congratulations to Luke and his new human brothers Sam & Bennett!!

Congratulations Susie Q (formerly known as Run-Around-Sue)

Sue Happy Howl






Run-Around-Sue (now Suzie Q) with new mom Michelle - a match made in heaven!!

 Congratulations Charlie Brown

CharlieNancyPatti TeddyPuppy 003








Charlie Brown with his new mom Patti. Charlie joined his furever home on April 4, 2013


Congratulations Greta Garbo, L.L. Bean !!

GretaBean 0833








Congratulations Greta Garbo, L.L. Bean & the Konowalski family

Congratulations Sophie Loren!

Sophie was welcomed into Chri's and Rachel's home July 18, 2012.  Chris and Rachel are long time Basset aficianados. having had 3 Bassets prior to Sophie's arrival.  Buddy, Basset in residence, greeted our beautiful girl enthusiasticlly.  As they say "Bassets are like potato chips; you cant have just one."

Congratulations Lucy Lawless!

Lucy was welcomed into Sharon's home on August 12, 2012.

Congratulations Roger Dodger!


Roger Dodger was adopted December 7, 2012.

Here is Roger with his new family ... Kitty, Lee, Nancy and Bagel brother, Boomer (not pictured Basset sister Sadie)

Congratulations Homer Sampson!

Homer was adopted January 3rd!  Here is a picture of him with his new mom Kathy (not pictured, new dad John)

Congratulations Vincent VanGo!

Vincent was welcomed into Ray's and Meghan's home July 16, 2012.  Belly rubs all around!


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