On 7/26/2023, we had to say goodbye to our teddy bears of basset hounds, Vincent. Everyone loves their dogs, of course, so perhaps I’m biased, but Vinny was one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs I’ve ever known. In so many ways, he was the best of dogs. He was always so well behaved - hardly ever got into anything around the house, was hardly ever impatient or grumpy, and was always so great with our kids. Even if he did something wrong, he always felt terrible about it afterwards, because he hated to disappoint us. In his younger years, he was so strong and vibrant - loving to play tug of war and going on his sniff-filled walks. In his older years, he was so snuggly with all of us, and always made sure to account for everyone being in the house before night’s end. Our hearts are heavy today, but we are so happy he got to cross the rainbow bridge and be with his older sister, Moco, today. We love you, snuggle bear, our Bubba. You will be missed, now and always.